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Custom Software Project:
Campus London (Google) Visitor Tracking

SwiftTec was approached by Google to provide an custom version of our Club Membership System for their new initiative called Campus London. The requirement was to provide a system that would allow people to register on their Campus London website and then on their first visit to match the Google record with the member card that they would be assigned. All member visits including the first would be tracked on the system.

SwiftTec designed the system inconjunction with Google web developers to meet their specific requirements and to use their internal APIs. Once the design was finalised SwiftTec developed and tested the software in-house.

SwiftTec not only supplied the software but also all the hardware required which included an all-in-one touchscreen PC and barcode scanner. We installed the system on-site and monitored the system on-site during it's first day of live operation. We also supply the pre-printed plastic cards used by the members.

Subsequent to the initial development and installation Google comissioned a further extension to the system to meet new requirements which we designed, developed and installed.

We continue to support Campus London with our software as needed.

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