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SwiftTec FAQ: How to create and assign account flags in the Loyalty Tracking System


You want create and add a user-defined flag to an account in the Loyalty Tracking System.


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To create/edit a user-defined flag

The Loyalty Tracking System allows you to define up to 32 flags for you own informational purpose. To create or edit a user-define flag definition use the following procedure:

  • Start the main Loyalty Tracking System program
  • Select View/Options from the menu
  • Select the Member Flags tab
  • Double-click on the flag you want to edit.
  • In the popup box enter the description of the flag and press the OK button to accept the changes
  • Press the OK button on the Options box to save the changes

To set or unset a user-defined flag

  • Start the main Loyalty Tracking System program
  • Edit the account you wish to assign the flag to.
  • Select the Flags tab in the edit account box
  • Click to the left if the flag description to set or unset the flag for that user. If set a green flag appears to the left of the flag name.
  • When you have finished editing the user process the OK button to complete and save the changes
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