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SwiftTec FAQ: How to use the Club Membership System member details in MS Word


You want use the member details (name, address, etc) contained in the Club Membership System for creating an mail merge.

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There are 2 ways of solving this problem.

Solution #1 - Export the details into a CSV file.

  • Start the main CMS program
  • Select reports
  • From the Member Reports tab select the criteria you want to select the members and select which fields you want to display

    Remember to select the m_address field if you want to include the member address.
  • Press the OK button - this will produce the report
  • From menu select File/Save As
  • Save the file under the folder and name you require
  • You can use the CSV file as input to the MS Word mail merge

Solution #2 - Link directly to the database from MS Word

  • Start the CMS Admin Tool and select the Data Folders tab

    CMS Admin Data Folders Tab
  • Copy the contents of the Main data directory - this is where the membership database is stored.
  • In MS Word start the mail merge process.
  • When you come to the section which allows you to pick the recipients select Browse or Use existing list
  • Paste the folder name into the Select Data Source dialog box and press Open
  • In that folder select the membership.mdb access file. (Note the .mdb may not be shown)
  • Select the member table
  • You can then select the members and fields you wish to use in the mail merge
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