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SwiftTec FAQ: How to share the member database between computers (Version 1 only)


You want share the member database across more than one computer so that all computers see the same data.

Applies To

This solution is for version 2 of the following software:

If you are running version 1 please see the V2 FAQ.


In order to achieve there are some key requirements that must be met

  • The computers must be networked together
  • The data must be stored in a location that can be accessed by all computers
  • Each computer that is to access the data must have its own software licence purchased from SwiftTec

Networking DiagramNetworking the computers

Each computer should be connected to a network hub via a wireless or wired connection. You may need help from a local network specialist if you do not know how to do this.


Sharing Data Storage

The database must be stored in a place that can be accessed for read and write by all computers that need to access the data. This can be done by either:

  • Storing the database files on a central file server - this computer does not require a licence unless it will also run the software.
  • Using one of the computers running the software must share a folder that all computers can access.

If you are using a Windows server or desktop computer use the following steps to share a data folder (the precise steps depend on the version of windows you are running):

  • Run windows explorer (or My computer) and navigate to the root of a hard disk or the root folder where you wish to store the data.
  • Create a folder (e.g. ClubMembershipData) in which you wish to store the data (right click and select New->Folder)
  • Right click on the folder you have just created and select Share (or Sharing and Security)
  • Select the users and groups that you wish to be able to read and write the data.
  • And press OK/Share

Accessing Shared Data

Once the folder has been shared on the server you need to verify that each client computer can access the shared data folder. The easiest way to do this is to map a network drive to the shared folder:

  • Start windows explorer (or My Computer)
  • From the menu select Tools/Map Network Drive
  • Select a free drive letter, e.g. Z:
  • Click on the browse button to locate the server and share you created in the previous section.
  • Press the OK button to select it
  • Press the finish button to complete setting up the share

If successful you will find the drive mapped in My Computer alongside other network drives or your hard drives.

Open up the mapped drive and try to create a folder or copy a file there. If you can do this you have successfully created the share

Making SwiftTec Software use the Shared Data Area

There are several options here depending on your scenario:

Connecting a new system to the shared database

When you first run the Loyalty or Membership software it asks for the location of the data folder:

Select location

You need to select the option which allows you to specify the database location (as shown) and enter the path to the database files (or use the ... button).#

Connecting (or Re-Connecting) an existing system to a shared database

  • Stop/Exit all running SwiftTec member software
  • Club Membership System - Run the CMSAdmin tool and select the data folders tab
  • Loyalty Tracking System - Run the main program and select View/Options from the menu whilst holding down the left shift and control keys. Then select the data folders tab
  • Change the location of the Main data directory to be the shared folder that has been created
  • Press the OK button
  • Exit and restart the software to check it functions as expected.
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