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SwiftTec FAQ: How to setup transaction codes


You want to setup transaction codes for membership, barcoded goods or custom info.

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The transaction codes are configured by running the CMS Admin Tool and selecting the Transaction Codes tab.

CMS Admin Transaction Codes

A new code can be created by clicking on the button to create a new code. An existing code can be edited by double-clicking on it, on single clicking and pressing the button. The allows a selected code to be deleted.


When adding or editing a code you are presented with a new window to edit the transaction code details.

Here you must enter the details of the transaction code:

  • Transaction Code - the actual code used for this transaction which must be unique across the system. If this is for a barcoded item it would be a good idea to scan it.
  • Transaction Type - this specifies the type of code being created. This will be one of the following
    • Standard - A standard code
    • New membership - A code for charging new membership fees. This code will be recognised when editing the member types and used by FrontGate.
    • Membership Renewal - A code for charging membership renewal fees. . This code will be recognised when editing the member types and used by FrontGate.
    • Session - reserved for future use
    • Barcoded goods - A code for any item that has a barcoded, e.g. a can of drink.
    • Pass - A code for passes
    • Custom - This code will prompt the user for a price / value and a note.
  • Description - This is the description as seen by the user when this code is used.
  • Amount - The currency value of the transaction.

On completion press OK to accept the edit/addition. You will not be able to use any new codes until the changes have been applied to the database.

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