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SwiftTec FAQ: How to setup VisitLogger with a Door Access Relay


You want to use the VisitLogger module to trigger a door access relay to release a door when a valid card is scanned.

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You will need:


The USB Relay needs to be connected to a USB port of computer running the VIsit Logger module. The following diagram shows the connections:

The USB scanner and USB relay are connected directly to the computer. The door release mechanism would be powered externally and triggered via the relay.

Enabling in the Software

  • Plug in the USB relay and make sure the drivers are loaded before continuing to the next step
  • Run the setup tool
    • Select the Devices tab
    • Make sure the Use door release if available is ticked
    • Click on the Select Device button
    • Select the correct COM device from the dropdown list. The rest of the settings are normally be left as they are.
    • Press OK to select the chosen device
    • The Code to lock and unlock are normally only changed when using devices with multiple relays.
    • Press OK to save changes
  • Run the VisitLogger module
    • Open the Options Wizard by Right-clicking on the window and selecting Options
    • Select the Use door release if available
    • Press OK to save
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