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SwiftTec FAQ: How to setup and use membership and entry charges


You want to use the FrontGate module to charge for membership and entry charges when a valid card is scanned.

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You will need:

  • A valid licence
    • A Club Membership licence
    • A MBS Master licence

There are 3 parts to the solution

  • setting up the transaction codes
  • associating them with member types
  • using FrontGate

Setting Up The Transaction Codes

You setup the transaction codes in the Admin Tool.

Click on the + button to add a code

Enter the details as appropriate. The Transaction Type is important - for membershipd and visits select

  • New Membership - fees for new members
  • Membership Renewal - fees for membership renewal
  • Entry - fees for member entry

In our example we have created one of each type for a Gold member

Associating Transaction Codes with Members Types

Once you have created all your transaction codes use the admin tool to add or edit your member types

Double-click on a member-type entry or click on the + button to create a new one

You can then set the appropriate charges by clicking on the appropriate Fees / Charges button and selecting a corresponding transaction code.

Make sure you select the appropriate transaction type for the charge you are selecting.

The values should then be reflected in the main screen

Using the Codes in FrontGate

In the FrontGate tool the codes should automatically be selected when you scan members:

When a member card is entered in frontgate it automatically adds a charge for entry appropriate to the transaction code assigned to the member type

You can enter the special transaction code RENEW to prompt for membership renewal

and the charge will be added to the total. In a similar way you can enter NEW when prompted for a member ID to add a new member

which will be charged as appropriate



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