Event Logging

When an event (e.g. a visit, a sale, etc) is logged in the membership system it is usually tagged with location information. This consists of several parts:

  • The facilty ID - this is a number which identifies the facilty or building being used. The facility IDs are setup in the admin tool.
  • The location - this is a text field which represents the part of the facility being used. Each operation can be designated a location in which an operation is taking place.
  • The hostname - this is the name of the computer logging the action
  • The operator ID - this is the ID of the operator that logged the action (if operators are enabled). This will be zero if no operator is required for the program or operators are not enabled.

The facility and location are most suited for a larger organisation.

Example Setup

A sports club has a number of facilties that it's members can use, each located in a different area spread across two buildings. They wish to log visits to each area of the club to see what is being used. They could setup their facilities and locations as follows:

  • Facility 1 - Building A
    • Location - Sports Hall
    • Location - Swimming Pool
  • Facility 2 - Building B
    • Location - Weights Room
    • Location - Squash Court 1
    • Location - Squash Court 2

The system would be setup to record visits and grant access to the various rooms and log the visit using the above data.

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