Transaction Codes

A transaction code is the basic code used within the CardWorx System used to define a finanicial transaction. It is the equivalent of a barcode on a product. Each code has a number of attributes which can be editied using the admin tool. Each code has the following attributes:

  • The code - this is a unique identifier used to identifiy the transaction. This code can be one defined by the user or pre-defined (e.g. a barcode on a product)
  • The type - this identifies the transaction code type as one of the following:
    • Standard - a normal user-defined transaction code for general usage
    • Entry - a code that signifies entry to the club
    • New Membership - a code that signifies a new membersip
    • Membership Renewal - a code that signifies a renew of an existing membership
    • Session - a code that signifies entry to a specific club session
    • Barcoded Goods - a code that is associated with a pre-packaged product
    • Pass - a code that is assocaited with the purchase of a pass
    • Custom - a code that will prompt the user for the value and description
  • Description - a brief description that will be displayed when the transaction code is used
  • Amount - the value / amount associated with the code, e.g. the price of the product
  • Duration - the length of time associated with the code - currently on used for session codes

The Entry, New Membership, Membership Renwal and Session codes can be assigned to a member type. The entry and session type codes will also be recognised by certain programs and cause an automatic logging of a member's entry to the club or session.

The Standard and Barcoded Goods type are currently identical in operation but it is recommended that the Standard codes are used for in-house codes and Barcoded Goods are only used for products with pre-printed barcodes.



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