Logging Visits

The KitUp CardWorx software allows you to log visits to and from one or more locations. The Admin Tool has a Facilities tab which allows a facility to be defined, this could be a site or a room. In addtion a location can be defined which is a free text field. The following information is recorded for each entry:

  • The date and time
  • A direction code (Entry or Exit)
  • A facility code
  • A location string
  • The hostname of the computer logging the action

Why would you want to do this?

The are several reasons why you may wish to log the visits of members to your club, which may include

  • In today's world Health and Safety rules play an increasing role. Knowing how many and which members are on-site at any given time can be important, especially if there is a fire.
  • It can give statistics which indicates how often a member has visited and when they last visited.
  • It can allow tracking of attendance

Logging Visits From The Main Program

Logging Members Arriving (Entry Mode)

Selecting the Log Visit action from the start screen, toolbar or menu opens a new page:

On this page you can Log member visits by entering their membership number and pressing the Log Visit button, or pressing the enter key. If there are no exceptions the member will be added to the current session list. If an exception occurs a new box will popup on the screen displaying the member information and details of the exception

Exceptions will occur for members who are suspended, banned, cancelled or expired. Pressing the OK button will cause the member to be added to the current session. Pressing the Cancel button does not add the member to the current session. The Edit Member button can be pressed to edit the member to remove the causes of the exception. After editing the user must press OK to add the member to the current session.

Logging Members Leaving (Exit Mode)

By changing the log type from Entry to Exit members are removed from the current session rather than added to it.


Clearing Current Session Data

It is possible to clear all the current session data by selecting Clear Session Data from the Action menu. If this is selected you will be prompted to confirm your action and then all of the current session entries will be removed. This is useful if only member entry is logged.


Logging Member Visits Concurrently

It is possible to use both the main program and the separate member visit logger program (barcode) concurrently when running on different computers. The current session data on the log visit screen is updated every 10 seconds.

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