SwiftTec Interactive Media System Help


The Presenter moduleis the primary module in the Interactive Media System and allows scripts to be played in either full-screen or windowed mode. When the presenter is first run it will display a black window, similar to the one shown below:

If this not the first time the presenter has been run it will return to it's last state.

Full Screen Mode

Double-clicking anywhere within the window will toggle full screen mode. The presenter will then attempt to place itself in front of any windows. Double-clicking on the screen again should revert the presenter to windowed mode.

Selecting an Action

Right-clicking on the black area will show a popup menu which allows a script to be loaded and run, or other actions to be taken. Opening a script will automatically start the script.

Supported Media

Videos - The presenter uses the same codec sets as the Windows Media Player, so any video clip supported by Windows Media Player should also play within the presenter.

Images - The presenter can display JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF images.

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