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Getting Started with SwiftPOS

SwiftPOS uses transaction codes and stock codes to record everything it does so in order to get started with SwiftPOS we must create some codes for the software to work with. There are 2 basic types of code:

The primary code type used would be a stock code.

Creating Stock Codes

Run the Stock Manager and when it starts it will list the Stock in the system, which on the first run will be empty. Then from the Action menu select Add which will bring up the Stock Item editing screen.


As you will see from the screenshot above a stock item is quite comprehensive and there are lots of options. We will start by entering a simple item:

You have now created your first Stock Item which will be listed in the Stock Manager window. You can create as many items as you want. You can also assign them to categories and do much more. See the Stock Manager documentation for details.

Setup the POS Terminal

Close the Stock Manager and run the POS terminal. If you get asked for a user and password then enter admin for a username and enter a blank password. You will then see the initial POS screen:



In order to set up for the first time click on the Select Mode button and select Menu Mode. The from the new menus select Page Manager. This will then bring up a dialog where you can create pages for the POS terminal. A page is a collection of buttons each one of which represents one of the following:

We need to create a top-level page to start so do the following:



Click on the Create button and then enter the page details as shown below:



and press the OK button to save it. Then close the page manager and use the Show Page button to display your page.


Now you can add items to your page, which we do by clicking on the Add Item button. Then select Stock Item as the type and then press the Select Stock Item... button and select the QWERTY entry we made earlier. Finally press the OK button and the button should be added. You can repeat this operation until you have filled your page. Then use the Select Mode button to return to Normal mode.

Use your items

Now you can use the item you have justed created by clicking on it (or touching it if you have a touchscreen). Each time you do so it will be added to the item list on the right andthe payment buttons become enabled. When you have added your items click on the payment button. If you select CASH you will be asked for the amount tendered:



Once entered the payment will be show on the screen. You can enter multiple payments if needed, e.g. CARD and CASH.


Once there is balance of zero or change is due the Complete Sale button will be enabled.



Once you press this the and say Yes to the popup box sale will be finalised and the transaction will be recorded in the database. If it is set up a receipt will be printed and the cash drawer opened.


More details on the operation of the POS terminal software can be found here.



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