SwiftTec MBS Help (Module-Based Data System)

Stock Manager Overview

The Stock Manager is used to create and manage stock items, including the editing of the item definitions and stock levels.



When started the Stock Manager shows a list of the current stock items in the system. There are 3 basic operations that can be accessed from the Action menu: Add, Edit and Remove. Edit and Remove require that an item is selected before selecting the Action menu.


Editing an Item

In MBS the item definition is very comprehensive allowing for Stock control, POS display and support for an online shop. Hence the item editing screen is quite complex as can be seen below. There is only 1 field that MUST be entered - that is the item title. All the rest of the fields are option, though some of them (like the price) it is a good idea to fill in.


Item Code The code assigned to the item - use the barcode if already available.
Title The displayed name or title of the product
Brand The manufacturer name - select from the dropdown list or type a new one
Part no. The manufacture part number
Description A detailed description of the item - mostly used for the online shop
Keywords The keywords as used by the online shop
Main Phone A photo of the item - currently for the online shop but may also be available in POS terminal.
Item Type Physical = a physical / countable item which has a stock level
Non-physical = a virtual item which is not countable like a software licence or a service
Stock Level The number of items available (Physical only)
Shipping Weight The weight of the item as shipped - used for automatic postage calculations online
Ordered on Request In the online shop allows an item to be purchased even if there is no stock available.
Multi-Stock Levels When the items is a "Master Item" each entry is the stock level of an item variant
Item VAT Code The VAT code for the item
Prices include VAT If ticked the item prices already include VAT
Unit Price The price of a single item
Shipping Excess A shipping cost applied online when purchasing this item
Item Variations Allows variants of items to be created, for example a T-Shirt might come in 4 size (S, M, L, XL) and 4 colours (Red, Gree, Blue, White) so you would create 2 variants - 1 for size and the other for colour. This will create a master item and 16 variant items (one for each colour/size combination) allowing the stock level to be set for each one and allow for variants of price and weight (larger size might weigh more or cost more)
Multiple Price Entries Where enabled purchasing more than 1 item may incur better pricing levels. Enter the levels here
Categorisation Use this to assign the item into various departments, categories, etc. Used in both the online shop and the POS software

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