Selecting a Member or Account

The SwiftTec Club Membership System software allows you to select a member/account for editing or viewing by either entering their ID or by selecting them from a list. You will initially be present with a box similar to the one shown here:


If you press the Select button you will be presented with a new screen from which you can select a member from a list.

You have the option of filtering and sorting the list using the column titles and the Alphabetic buttons as shown above. Initially the list will contain all items ordered numerically by ID. The list can be filtered and ordered by various means. The initial settings selected will depend on the context that the selection was called from.

  • Ticking the Include cancelled box will add into the list all of the cancelled members.
  • Ticking the Include hidden box will add into the list all of the contacts that are normally hidden
  • Ticking the Include non-members box will add into the list all the contacts which are not actual members, e.g. emergency contacts
  • Selecting a letter button will cause only members whose name start with that letter to be listed. If ID or Surname ordering is in operation the list is filtered by Surname. If Name ordering is selected the list is filtered by Name.
  • Clicking on the ID column button will cause the list to be ordered by member ID in ascending order. Clicking the ID column button a second time causes the list to be sorted in descending order. Clicking it a third time reverts to ascending order.
  • Clicking on the Name column causes the list to be ordered by first names
  • Clicking on the Surname column causes the list to be ordered by surname.

When the desired member is selected press the OK button. Alternatively double clicking on a member in the list will cause that member to be selected and the OK button automatically pressed.


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