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Cloud Diary - Overview

CloudDiary is a simple diary application that uses a shared folder, such as one based on
cloud technology (e.g. Dropbox or OneDrive), to maintain a diary on a computer and allow
a permenant display. This has applications for those are supporting those with memory problems
such as dementia to maintain a simple diary they can refer to without having to be sure of the
current day and date.
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CloudDiary is a simple software suite that uses a shared folder to host a diary. This folder could be on a network drive, but typically will use a shared cloud folder hosted by Dropbox, OneDrive or a similar technology provider.

There are two main programs that come with CloudDiary

  • The diary editor
  • The diary display

The diary editor makes changes to the diary and the diary display give a continually updated display of the appointments in the diary.

CloudDiary was originally created to help families with a relative with dementia so that they had a simple application that showed them

  • The current day name
  • The current date
  • The current time
  • Appointments and Messages

CloudDiary should be suitable for a wide variety people as the display application  requires no user interaction once the initial setup is complete.

The Diary Display

The Diary Display application does not need any interaction with the user to operate once a simple setup procedure is done and can be left to run whenever the computer is turned on. The normal operation of the Diary Display application is expected to be in fullscreen mode where the mouse is hidden.

The following screenshot shows a sample diary display

Appointments are show grouped by day using the concepts of Today and Tomorrow for the current and next day. Following days are shown using the format Day name, day of month, month and year.

The Diary Editor

The diary editor has been designed to be simple and easy to use to make it as accessible as possible to all users. All the primary functions are available via buttons at the top of the window as well as having keyboard shortcuts.


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