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Club Membership System - Overview

The SwiftTec Club Membership System is a suite of programs designed to run a club membership database and to track various aspects of a member's visit to/from the club. Suitable for use by clubs of any size where a membership database is kept, including Health Clubs, Skate Parks, Children's Play Zones.
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The SwiftTec Club Membership System is designed to meet the requirements of a club which needs to maintain a membership database and track member activity at the club facilities. It has a comprehensive set of features which can be enabled to meet the needs of clubs of all sizes. It is easy to setup and operate, making it an ideal choice for a small club running it on a single PC but is expandable via it's optional features and modules to meet the needs of the large clubs.


The SwiftTec Club Membership System comes with a large number of features as standard and a number of optional

  • Designed for use in clubs of all sizes
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface
  • Creates customizable membership cards with photo and integrated barcodes
  • Customizable card backgrounds and logos (can be based on member type)
  • Comprehensive set of reports on membership, visits and other statistics
  • Each member record has:
    • Full contact details (name, address, phone, mobile, e-mail)
    • Emergency contact details (name, address, phone, mobile, e-mail)
    • Standard attributes (Banned, Suspended, Cancelled)
    • User definable attributes/flags
    • User definable member types (e.g. Standard, Staff, Junior, etc)
    • Free text field for notes (e.g. allergy information)
    • Photo (JPG, GIF and BMP supported).
  • Optional operator passwords for FrontGate module
  • Card Designer for modifying the design of membership and pass cards
  • FrontGate/Reception module - a Point of Sale application for handling
    • Barcoded goods
    • Membership purchase and renewals
    • Logging of member visits
    • Pass handling
    • Loyalty points
    • Non-barcode goods
    • Integrates with a receipt printer
    Enter and record financial transactions
    • new membership
    • membership renewal
    • club entry
    • barcoded goods
    • User-defined transactions
    • Accept transaction payments as cash, card or cheque
  • Create and sell passes for member entry to club
    • Passes can be time limited, use limited (count number of uses) or both
    • Passes can have optional value to offset against entry charges (when used with transactions)
  • Operators with usernames and passwords
    • Can be used to restrict access to all programs and modules
    • Can be used to restrict access to reports or just financial reports
  • Loyalty Points
    • Points can be added or redeemed via the FrontGate module
    • Can be automatically added according to spend
    • Can be assigned a redemption cash value as a discount against spend
  • Member visit logging module to track entry and exit from the club.
  • Group Accounts for collecting individual members into an associated group, e.g. a family
  • Will integrate with a barcode scanner or magnetic card reader.
  • Will work in a network configuration with an large number of networked PCs
  • Requires Windows XP SP3 or later, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • 32-bit software which is compatible with 64-bit versions of windows
  • Uses a Microsoft Access compatible database allowing the user to create custom reports and interfaces (Microsoft Access NOT required)
  • Optionally uses a MySQL database (V2.1 onwards) or SQL Server


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Download and purchase

You can download the software from our downloads page. You can then run the demo version or request a trial licence key to try the software. Club Membership licences can be purchased from the SwiftTec online shop.

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