SwiftTec: Club Membership System

Main Program Options

The SwiftTec Club Membership System main program allows you to view and change some program options. To do this select Options from the View menu. You will then be prompted to modify the following options.


Program Options

This screen allows you set various options that affect program operation.

Option Description
Enable capturing photos direct from device Selecting this option enables the Take Photo button in the member edit screen if a suitable device is available.


Member Types

This screen allows you to add or edit the member type definitions. In the database each member record has a numeric field which represents the member type. These are mapped to a text representation using the information provided in this option section. If you wish to rename a member type double-click on the desired field. To add a new member type double-click on the <<New Member Type>> field, which will always be the last one in the list. More...


Member Flags

This screen allows you to define the text definition of up to 32 flags. These will be displayed in the Flags section when editing a member. To edit a flag definition double click on the entry and enter the new text string.