SwiftTec: Club Membership System

Editing a Member Type

Member types are edited from the system options section of the main CMS program.

This screen allows you to add or edit the member type definitions. In the database each member record has a numeric field which represents the member type. These are mapped to a text representation using the information provided in this option section. If you wish to rename a member type double-click on the desired field. To add a new member type double-click on the <<New Member Type>> field, which will always be the last one in the list. More...

Double-clicking an entry opens a new window in which the details of the member type can be edited.

Field Meaning
Name This is the name of the member type. It is displayed in the type field when editing a member. It is also used when searching for card design directories.
Expiry / Renewal This section allows you to define if a member type expires, and if so by how many days/weeks/months/years. This information is used when renewing a member's membership (edit member) to calculate the new expiry date.
Fees / Charges This section is only enabled when transactions are enabled. It allows you to specify the transaction code to be used for various actions:
  • New membership - the charge to be applied when a member is first created
  • Renewal - the charge to be applied when a member renews their membership
  • Entry - the charge to be applied for entry to the club
  • Session - the charge to be applied for a single session