SwiftTec: Club Membership System

Adding and Editing Passes
(Only available when licensed or in demo mode)

The SwiftTec Club Membership System uses the same mechanism for adding and editing passes.

When editing a member you are first prompted to select the member to be edited. (This screen is skipped when adding a new member).

Here you can enter the pass code or scan the pass card with the barcode scanner. Having selected a pass to add/edit you are the presented with a new window in which you can edit the pass details.

The following fields are displayed:

Field Description
Code This is the code assigned to the card and is not editable by the user. If you are using pre-created cards it will be the code entered at the previous stage. If you are not using pre-created cards this number will consist of the chosen pass type prefix and a numeric sequence.
Type This is a dropdown list of all the available pass types. You can only change a pass type when using pre-created cards or when creating a pass.
Entries If Unlimited Entries is ticked this pass has no limit on the number of times it can be used, otherwise the pass can only be used for the specified number of entries.
Expiry If Does not expire is ticked the pass will not expire, otherwise the pass will expire on the date shown.
Owner This field shows the owner of the pass. The owner can be changed by pressing the select button.


Defining Pass Types

The pass types can be defined from the main program options.

Double clicking on an entry brings up a box in which a pass-type can be edited.