SwiftTec: Club Membership System

Printing Passes
(Only available when licensed or in demo mode)

The SwiftTec Club Membership System allows you to print credit card sized passes on a standard piece of paper. These can then be cut and laminated for handing out to club members. Each pass contains various customizable items such as the name of the owner member, the pass type and a barcode.

On selecting the Print Passes action from the menu, toolbar or start page you will be presented with a pass list:

The left hand list contains all of the available passes and the right hand list contains all passed that are to be printed. Passes can be moved from one list to the other by either double clicking on the pass or by selecting one or more passes and pressing the or button to move the member in the required direction.

On pressing the OK button you will be presented with a new page with the passes shown ready for printing. If the list needs to be modified before printing then select Edit Pass  List from the Action menu or press the F9 key.


Customizing Pass Cards

The appearance of the cards can be altered by changing various parameters, including the background image, the logo and the text styles. When the club membership program is first run it creates a passes folder in the selected data folder and creates 2 files in it called card.ini, and background.jpg. By changing these files you can change the appearance of the membership cards. This works in exactly the same way as for customizing membership cards.


Choosing Card Designs Based on Pass Type

As we have already stated the membership program will select backgrounds and logos for the membership cards from the Cards folder which is normally located as a sub-folder of the main data directory. When creating a membership card the program will first look for a file in the PassType folder before looking in the main passes folder. So if you have 2 pass types (corporate and staff) you can create two sub-folders in the passes folder called corporate and staff. If the pass has the type staff the program will first look in the Passes\staff folder for the card.ini, background and image files and if they are not found it will look in the Passes folder.