SwiftTec: Club Membership System

The FrontGate Module Options

The following options are available to modify the configuration/running of the checkout module:

Program Options

On this page the general options that control the modules appearance can be set.

Option Description
Hide mouse over main screen When enabled (ticked) the mouse is not shown when hovering over the main visit logger display screen. This is the default configuration.
Run full screen When enabled (ticked) the visit logging program runs in full-screen mode with only a menu displayed. When disabled the visit logging program runs in a normal window.

Changes to this option only take effect when the program is restarted.

Clear screen When this option is selected the screen will clear after each transaction is completed.
On-Screen Title  
Text This allows the user to customise the displayed on the screen


Message Styles

On this page the colours, fonts and backgrounds can be set for various conditions.

The style/condition is selected from the drop-down box and a sample of the text is shown in the sample box below it. The style can then be changed by clicking on the Font, Text Colour and Background Colour buttons. Please note that not all buttons are enabled for each style.



The setting of charges has been moved to the main CMS program under member types as of version 1.7.0. See Editing Member Types for more information.