SwiftTec: Club Membership System

The FrontGate/Reception Module:
Passes Mode

In this mode the FrontGate module collects and displays transactions on the screen. After entering a valid member ID the screen will have the following appearance:

At this point you can enter one of the following you should enter or scan a valid pass code. If the code is accepted it will be displayed and you will be prompted to accept the member.


Here you can enter either YES or NO or press the escape key (ESC). One of the following will take place:

Code Action
  • An entry transaction will be entered in the CMS journal.
  • The member will be added to the current session.
  • You will get a visual confirmation of success
  • NO
  • The operation will be cancelled
  • You will get a visual confirmation of the cancellation
  • No transactions will be entered in the journal
  • ESC key pressed
  • You will be returned to the pass code entry screen