SwiftTec: Club Membership System

The FrontGate/Reception Module

The SwiftTec Club Membership System is a growing suite of programs designed to work together to manage a club's membership data. The FrontGate module is designed for a club that wants greater control over the entry of members to the club by one or more of the following means:

This module is intended to be run in the reception area of a club on a computer that is connected via a network to the main computer containing the membership database.


Setting Up The FrontGate Module

When you first run the FrontGate module it will prompt for the data location if the club membership system has not previously been run on that computer

If the checkout module is being used on a machine that does not contain the main club database you should choose the second option to specify where the data is stored. Once the data location has been determined you will be presented with the default checkout screen: From here you can select the options from the File menu or by right-clicking anywhere on the window

and selecting Options from the popup menu. The checkout module can be configured from the resulting dialog box. More information...


Using The FrontGate Module

The FrontGate module is designed to reflect the configuration of Club Membership System and the features that have been licensed.

Logging In (Only When Licensed/Enabled)

If the CMS operators feature has been enabled the first screen you encounter will be the operator login screen as shown below.

When you encounter this screen you should enter your CMS username and password which will be assigned by your CMS system administrator. When you successfully login you will move onto the main input screen.


Main Screen

Once the FrontGate module is running and you are logged in (if required) you will be presented with the following screen:

Here you can peform one of the following actions:

The screens that follow depend on the enabled CMS options.

If the input is not recognised an error screen will be displayed as shown below:


Cancelling Entries/Actions

At any time a entry can be cancelled by pressing the Esc key. This will progressively return the user to the previous level of entry.


Using a Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner can either be purchased from SwiftTec for use with the membership system or you can purchase and setup your own scanner. If you purchase your own scanner it will need to be able to read Code 39 barcodes. It should be setup to insert key strokes into the keyboard stream and append a carriage return at the end of the sequence.

Once the barcode scanner is correctly setup and connected it can be tested by using Windows Notepad to ensure that the scanned barcodes are correctly inserting the key strokes. Once this is verified the logging program can then be used with the barcode scanner by simply scanning the barcode from the membership cards as required.