SwiftTec: Club Membership System

Optional Feature: Loyalty Points

The SwiftTec Club Membership System allows you to enable Loyalty Points for use in conjunction with the FrontGate module. When they are enabled members can collect and redeem loyalty points which the club have defined. Points can be collected either by a manual user-driven process or they can be automatically collected according to the amount a member spends at the club. Redemption of points can optionally be assign a financial value. The way loyalty points operate is set using the Admin Tool.


Defining Loyalty Point Operation

When Loyalty Points are enabled a new section appears in the Admin Tool where various operational features can be defined.


Option Description
Automatically add loyalty points... When enabled (ticked) any sale in the FrontGate module will automatically generate loyalty points that will be added to the members collected points at the rate shown. The collection rate can be changed by pressing the Set button.
Allow loyalty points to discount... When enabled (ticked) any redemption of loyalty points will be assigned a financial value at the rate shown. The amount redeemed will not be allowed to exceed the actual sales total. The redemption rate can be changed by pressing the Set button.
Prompt for notes If this option is enabled when the FrontGate operator performs an add or redeem points operation they will be asked to enter a note (a short text field) describing the action.


Loyalty Point Reports

When loyalty points are enabled additional reports are made available from the main membership program in a new Loyalty Points section and in the FrontGate section.

You can report both points activity and member points balances.


Collecting and Redeeming Points

Points can only be collected and redeemed from the FrontGate module. There are two special commands which are enabled when the Loyalty Points are enabled, both of which are listed in the Special Barcode List report.


Option Description
ADDPOINTS This will prompt the operator for the number of points to be added to the members balance.
REDEEMPOINTS This will prompt the operator for the number of points to redeem from the members balance. If the member tries to redeem more points than are available an error message is issued.


You can perform the following actions.