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The SwiftTec Club Membership System is a suite of programs designed to run a club membership database and to track various aspects of a member's visit to/from the club. Suitable for use by clubs of any size where a membership database is kept, including Health Clubs, Skate Parks, Children's Play Zones.
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The SwiftTec Club Membership System was designed to be flexible enough to meet the requirements of almost any club. This is done by the means of additional modules and features which are now available in the standard package. The following modules are available:

Option Description Status
Module: Card Designer
(New for version 1.10)
This modules comes as standard with all version and allows for the easy design of the member and pass card layouts.
  • Allows various objects to be added:
    • Text
    • Images
    • Barcodes
    • Member Photos
  • Change card properties (dimensions, background, etc)
  • Position objects using keyboard and mouse
Free, Optional Installation
Module: Visit Logger The VisitLogger module has been significantly enhanced for V2.1 and has become a comprehensive tool for logging visitors. It can run in interactive and non-interactive mode.

In non-interactive mode (default) VisitLogger is designed to function as a standalone module which members can log their visits to and from the club. In interactive mode the VisitLogger is designed to operated by a receptionist or similar person manning the entrance to the club. The operator can then control the process of verifying the member before logging the visit.

VisitLogger is designed to run in fullscreen or windowed mode making it suitable for both touchscreen and normal windows environments. A
licence to run one copy of this module is included in each basic system licence.
  • Allows logging of members to and from the club
  • Can work in 3 modes (entry only, exit only, auto entry/exit mode)
  • Can be used for unattended logging of members or be operator controlled
  • Can be used on a networked PC at all club entrances
  • Multiple networked instances can be run concurrently.

With additional licences the VisitLogger can control a door release and handle guests and visitors (see the features below for more information).

Included as standard

Extra features available with licence purchase
Module: FrontGate This is a comprehensive program designed to handle most operations that would be needed at a club entry point / reception area.
  • Allows logging of members to and from the club
  • Designed to be used by an operator rather than the members themselves.
  • Can be used on a networked PC at all club entrances
  • Multiple networked instances can be run concurrently.
  • Operates according to the features purchased.
  • Supports the handling of:
    • Transactions
    • Passes
    • Operators
    • Loyalty Points
  • Supports payment via Cards, Cash, Cheques and Passes
  • New Membership (basic info only) and Membership renewal
Included as standard
Module: MemberImport This is a new module for V2.1 which allows members to be imported from CSV files. Included as standard

New for V2.1
Feature: Operators The operators features adds basic protection to all the Club Membership programs requiring each operator to login using a username and password Standard
Feature: Transactions This feature adds the financial transaction recording to the FrontGate module and a number of additional reports from the main CMS program.  
Feature: Passes This feature adds support for member passes to allow members to use passes for access to the club instead of, or as well as cash.  
Feature: Loyalty Points This feature allows members to collect and redeem Loyalty Points via the FrontGate module.  
Feature: Group Accounts This feature allows accounts to be created that can be used to group together individual members. Members can be assigned to a group account and inherit certain properties from them such as contact details.  
Feature: Visitors This feature allows visitors to be logged in the database as 1-day members when using the interactive mode of the VisitLogger. When a new visitor is added they become a member in the database which is set to expire the same day. They will automatically appear in the backoffice visit monitor. New for V2.1
Additional Licence Required
Feature: Guests This feature allows the guests to be logged in the database as they enter and leave the club. Guests are different to visitors (see above) as only the number of guests is logged. This feature is most useful when using the VisitLogger module in interactive mode.

Guests can be logged in both the backoffice module and the VisitLogger module.
New for V2.1
Additional Licence Required
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