SwiftTec Club Membership System

A program suite for handling a club membership database and tracking visits to/from the club

Version History

Version Released Description
2.2.50 09/03/2018
  • Fix a setup issue where the Visual Studio redistributables are not installed first
  • 2.2.49 11/11/2017
  • Fix FrontGate where NEW member inserts two membership charges
  • 2.2.48 07/10/2017
  • Fixed issue in MemberImport where user-defined fields were not being created correctly
  • 2.2.47 28/08/2017
  • Added option to set character set for member codes
  • Added a ResetVisitQuotas to dbprocess
  • 2.2.46 01/07/2017
  • Added MBS CloudSync to enable syncing of databases via cloud folders
  • Added option to specify the folder for photos and cards when using file based databases like MSAccess and SQLite
  • Fixed issues with database upgrade process
  • Added option to separate emergency contact IDs from normal contact IDs
  • 2.2.45 01/05/2017
  • Rebuilt on new base libraries
  • Added photo import
  • Improved dbbackup / dbrestore with support for MS Access
  • 2.2.44 Unknown 02/03/2017

  • Fixed bug in FrontGate when using operators which prevented transactions from being logged against an operator
  • 2.2.43 Unknown
  • Allow sorting in member reports
  • 2.2.42 Unknown Added support for member qualifications
    2.2.41 Unknown Added code to allow member account balances to function correctly.
    2.2.40 Unknown Fixed issue setting membership flags
    2.2.39 Unknown Fixed issue with membership status flags not functioning. Flags now moved to membership section
    2.2.38 Unknown Fixed issue with Backgroun Visit Logger not recovering if error occurs with relay comms
    2.2.37 Unknown Fixed issue with printing membership cards
    2.2.36 Unknown Added dbinfo command line utility
    Added options to background logger to bring to front of screen on trigger events
    Fixed time restriction error in background logger
    2.2.35 Unknown Added new Background Visit Logger module to enable the logging of visits from a scanner not configured as a keyboard device.
    Unbundled SwiftBackup from setup package
    Fixed dbupgrade for V2.0 databases
    2.2.34 Unknown Fixed missing operator support in MBSadmin
    Fixed issue in MBSadmin where function key mapping was not functioning correctly
    2.2.33 Unknown Fixed issue 0000066 - remember report criteria for contact and member lists
    Fixed issue with member reports sort field list being wrong
    2.2.32 Unknown Fixed issue with contact and member lists not obeying flag requests
    Fixed issues with saving certain reports to CSV file
    2.2.31 Unknown Fixed issue when saving Visit report as a CSV file
    2.2.30 Unknown Fix an issue in the backoffice module which did not re-load user-defined field definitions correctly after they had been changed in the admin tool
    2.2.29 Unknown Added minor change to improve support for barcode scanning which contains the tilde prefix character
    2.2.28 Unknown Added support for emergency contact info in contact lists reports
    2.2.27 Unknown Changed underlying database layer to give more flexibility with variable table definitions
    Improved support for door release in the VisitLogger module
    Added initial support for online access / website integration (additional licence required)
    Fixed Visitor issue in VisitLogger
    2.2.26 Unknown Improved startup speed
    Improved data caching
    Added new member report
    2.2.25 Unknown Fixed problem in NetApp specific module
    2.2.24 Unknown Fix issue with user-defined field in the new admin tool
    2.2.23 Unknown Fixed issue with pendingprint list not clearing
    2.2.22 Unknown Added new custom app for NetApp EBC
    Added completely redesigned admin tool
    Fixed issue in backoffice when trying to sort members in selection list.
    2.2.21 Unknown Improved performance of visit logging and monitoring in backoffice module
    2.2.20 Unknown Add reconnect support to MySQL to handle when the server drops the connection
    Added option to Visit Logging to not update the current session
    Improved performance when selecting a contact from a list when network connection is slow and there are large numbers of contacts
    Performance improvement for visit reports when using slow network
    2.2.19 Unknown FIxed bug when displaying expiry date on membership cards

    Copyright 2013-18 Simon Sparkes T/A SwiftTec