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SwiftTec Software Development
DMX LightShow Gallery
Part of the DMX LightShow family - a program designed to run DMX controller equipment such as theatre or stage lighting, DJ lights, etc.

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The following show photos and screenshots of the DMX LightShow software being used for a 50's tribute band playing in Taunton for a 65th birthday party. The software was controlling a single DMX universe using about 110 channels with:

8 x LED RGB Par Cans (7-channel each),  8 x 300W Standand Par Cans on 2 x 4-channel dimmer packs,  6 x QTX SmartPar 36 RGB LED (5-channels each),  1 x 4-channel dimmer pack for other effects,  2 x Chauvet Mini-Legend moving head lights (250W discharge),  QTX FX-1000 DMX Hazer, Soundlab 1000W DMX Low Fog machine,  Mirror Ball with standard Par36 spot

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