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DMX LightShow (Free)

DMX LightShow (Free) is a family of programs designed to control a limited number of DMX devices.
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DMX Manager

DMXmanager is a program designed to allow complex control of a large number of DMX fixtures potentially in multiple DMX universes. DMX Manager is included as standard in the DMX LightShow software package.

The software runs in a number of independent windows allowing the controls to be spread over multiple screens.

The main window gives a visual overview of the state of all the fixtures and allows fixtures to be selected and controlled. There are sections for the triggers and window controls plus a status window for all DMX Universes and controllers.

DMX Manager Main Window

The scenes and effects windows allow the creation of hundreds of triggerable scenes and effects which can be launched at the click of a mouse. Using this system a complex lighting show can be created that is only limited by the imagination.

Detailed information on the operation and features of the DMX LightShow software can be found in the online help.

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