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DMX LightShow (Free)

DMX LightShow (Free) is a family of programs designed to control a limited number of DMX devices.
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Common Features

The following feature are common to all the DMX LightShow family of programs.

  • Supports mulitple DMX controllers (some products have built-in limits as to the number of active universes, e.g. DMXconsole will only control a single DMX universe)
  • Hot-swappable DMX controllers - if one interface stops running unplug it, plugs in a new one and it takes over automtically.
  • Editable scenes for creating quick changes to multiple devices. Each scene has
    • A name field
    • Changeable colours on console display
    • Single or multiple frames for creating static or dynamic lighting changes. Frame types include
      • Fade - smooth fading
      • Switch - instance switching
      • Delay - time delay (no device changes)
    • Loop count for frames (option for continuous)
  • Editiable effects - similar to scenes but which only work on selected devices.
  • Unlimited multiple concurrent effects - the only limit is the power and available memory of your computer!
  • Editable channel definitions (Dimmer, Mode, Pan, Tilt, Gobo, Mode, etc)
  • Comes with a number of pre-made device templates (XML format)
    • ACTOR-MATE Magic Box AL10
    • American DJ - Mega Bar 50RBG (7 channel mode)
    • American DJ Pearl LED WH
    • Batmink RGB LED - 7CH.xml
    • Chauvet Insignia 2.0
    • Chauvet Mini Legend EILS-425
    • Dimmer
    • Generic RGB LED - 7 Channel
    • KAM DMX Laser40 FScan
    • KAM MH-644B Barrel Scanner
    • LED PAR-56 RGB Spot, Short
    • LEO MH-630
    • Martin Destroyer X250 (Single Channel Mode)
    • Martin Punisher X250 (Single Channel Mode)
    • Martin X250 Destroyer (5-channel)
    • ParCan-Long-Black
    • ParCan-Long-Silver
    • ParCan-Short-Black
    • ParCan-Short-Silver
    • QTX FX1000 Hazer
    • QTX SmartPar-36
    • Sea Whale
    • Showtec Expression 5000 (12-channel)
    • Showtec Indigo 4500 (14-channel)
    • Showtec Phantom 300 Spot (22-channel)
    • Soundlab Low Fog Machine
    • Vellerman VDLPROM5
    • Vellerman VDP250SC6
  • Ability to create your own device templates

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