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DMX LightShow (Free)

DMX LightShow (Free) is a family of programs designed to control a limited number of DMX devices.
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DMX LightShow Modules

The DMX LightShow software contains a number of modules which give some useful combinations whcih should suit most users. All the modules use the same USB DMX controllers and all the modules are included as standard.

The following table outlines the available modules, all of which come as standard with the software. Click on the module name for more information on the module.

Module Description
DMX Manager The flagship module of the DMX LightShow software which allows complex shows to be created using effects and scenes using multiple fixture types and multiple controllers / DMX universes.
DMX Console An easy-to-use DMX console emulation in 16, 24, 32, 48 and 64 channel configurations - ideal for those migrating from standard consoles to software control.
DMX RGB Console An enhanced version of the DMX Console that has a built-in understanding of LED fixtures which can handle multiple colours based on RGB colour mixing.
DMX Manager remote A remote control program which connects to a running DMX Manager instance on the network and allows triggering of scenes and effects..
Common Features Features common to most of the software modules
Supported Interfaces A list of interfaces supported by the DMX LightShow software
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