SwiftTec DMX LightShow Free

A free program suite for handling DMX devices and other related devices for shows, etc

Version History

Version Released Description
1.2.14 30/01/2018
  • Updated free version
  • 1.2.13 29/12/2017
  • Removed need for a licence
  • 1.2.12 Unknown 21/02/2017

  • Added support for V2.2 USB DMX interfaces
  • Fixed issue with Master Fader window not saving position
  • Added logging for DMX manager
  • Added registry options for remote buttons
  • 1.2.11 Unknown Added support for master faders
    1.2.10 Unknown Improved output file format when saving shows
    1.2.9 Unknown Changed default to be View in Groups for DMX manager
    Fixed size/scroll issue in DMX manager remote
    Fixed bug in remote not display effects/scenes correctly
    Added command line tools for investigating network issues
    Added updated IPDS system
    1.2.8 Unknown Added support for DMX manager remote
    1.2.7 Unknown Fixed mode rendering bug in channel
    Added fader color to channel (mode only)
    1.2.6 Unknown Updated to use new WX library
    Changed layout to allow for smaller buttons by using the frame as status indicator
    Updated the installer
    Split out scenes and effects from main manager window
    1.2.5 Unknown Added RGB console as a product
    Added Quick Save to console scenes
    1.2.4 Unknown Added configurable controller detection (controllers.ini)
    1.2.3 Unknown Added support for OpenDMX interface
    1.2.2 Unknown Fixed bug in DMXconsole when minimizing and restoring
    Added Beat window
    1.2.1 Unknown Added new templates
    Improved Pan/Tilt support
    Added variable ranges with channel ranges
    Added support for ENTTEC PRO interface
    Added picture selection in device editor
    Fixed bug in USB DMX controller when addressing large numbers of channels
    Updated help files
    Fixed DMXdj and DMXtheatre to detect device changes
    Fixed DMXdj and DMXtheatre to enable device removal
    1.2.0 Unknown Major upgrade to underlying structures to support projectors and non-dmx controllers and devices
    Added channel map to Manager
    Removed option for auto-snapshot and auto-save in scene editor and made this standard practice
    Added option for Effect Stop actions to wait for completion
    Added option for Effect Stop actions to force zero duration (Quick Stop)
    Improved templates
    Various other bug fixes and enhancements
    1.1.4 Unknown Development release
    1.1.3 Unknown Improved beat management
    Improved window positioning for scenes and effects when using groups
    Added auto-detection of device insertion and removal.
    Added initial support for projection
    1.1.2 Unknown Added device images and image types
    Removed device colour in main edit
    Fixed bug on shutdown which caused crash
    Added Pan+Tilt window
    Added scene and effect groups
    1.1.1 Unknown Ongoing development
    Added effects
    Scene can now control effects
    Fixed device ordering
    Improved visuals of devices
    1.1.0 Unknown Major update to LightShow framework to support first DMXmanager release
    Added device templates
    1.0.3 Unknown
  • Added support for DMXmanager to common DLL.
  • 1.0.2 Unknown
  • First public release
  • Revised scene editor
  • Added help
  • Added licence support ready for sale
  • Added edit and removal of controllers
  • 1.0.1 Unknown
  • Added DMXconsole application for low-cost alternative to manager
  • Fixed bug in K8062 device detection
  • Added help for DMXconsole
  • Added licencing and about box
  • Added settings editing to allow controllers to be assigned/created
  • 1.0.0 Unknown
  • Initial version - under development

  • Copyright 2013-2018 Simon Sparkes