SwiftTec Software Development

The following is auto-generated during our software release process.

Version Description
1.0.4 Extended scripting to allow waiting for keypress or media end in a single command
Allow the result of waitkey to be tested (lastkeypressed)
Allow toggling of pad/operator voting control
Allow script to be paused
Added client monitor screen
Updated voting system so that voting clients can be distinguished
1.0.3 Added an output window to the presenter so that specific output and polling results can be displayed to the operator
Enabled the script window to show what is currently being executed
Fixed the about window
1.0.2 Internal Release Only
1.0.1 Some general bug fixes and enhancements
Improved support for tablets losing session and joining part way through.
Improved documentation
Fixed bug when double-clicking on script file
1.0.0 Initial version

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