SwiftTec Software Development

SwiftTec has developed a system for generating and presenting media shows with audience participation that can be used to select media for display. The system consists of two parts, the presenter and the voting apps.

The Presenter

The is a very flexible component that combines the power of scripting with media. This allows interactive presentations to be created using a simple scripting language developed by SwiftTec especially for this product. The video display uses components of the Windows Media Player but without all the controls on the screen. So any video that can be played with Windows Media Player can be played with the Interactive Media Presenter.

Typically the script will show media (pictures, audio, etc) and then use the voting to decide what action to take next. The presenter script can log that the actions taken in a separate window for review.

The Voting App

The voting app is a Android app available for download for free from the SwiftTec website. It looks for a running presenter on the local network and automatically connects to it when discovered. When ever voting is started by the presenter the options are displayed on the voting app and the user can choose from the options presented. The presenter can then use the voting information to decide which action to take next.


You can download the latest version of the program from our downloads page.

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