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MBS Feature - Online Access
Enables online access by members to their own data.

The MBS Online Access feature allows members to access their own data via a frame embedded into a website. This allows members access to the following information:

  • Basic Profile Information
  • Online Avatar
  • Online chat forums
  • Loyalty point information
  • Mailing lists


This feature requires that the member database used is MySQL and that it is accessible from a server located on the internet.


To get this going there are a several steps:

Step #1 - Request a Site ID

Contact SwiftTec support to request a Site ID, password and temporary licence. You will need this in order to complete the remaining steps.

Step #2 – Setup Your Site

Once you have received your site ID and password use a web browser to go to the following page:


Login with your site ID and password. You will then be able to set edit the site settings, most important of which is for your MySQL server which will allow the system to access the member database. You will also need to enter your licence key if this was not done automatically.

Step #3 – Setup Access from your website

The page on your website that needs to embed the online system in it needs to have the following HTML:

<iframe src="http://mbs.swifttec.com?siteid=SITEID" frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 100%; background-color: #ffffff">

Don't forget to substiture SITEID for the id you receive.

Step #4 – Enable online access for your software

To do this you must do the following:

  • Configure the you MBS-based software to use a MySQL database
    • Run the setup tool
    • Select the database tab
    • Double-click on the database entry
    • Edit and save the database settings
  • Add the Online Access licence key (also in the setup tool)
    • Run the setup tool (if not already running)
    • Click the Add Licence button on the first tab
    • Enter the licence key and press OK

 Step #5 – Enable member online access

To do this you must do the following:

  • Add or edit an existing member
  • In the Online Access section enter a username and password
  • Press OK to accept

Once you have completed the above steps you can login with member details and get access to their basic details.

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