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About SwiftTec - 2018 Update

As of 1st April 2018 SwiftTec will be operating as a Sole Trader business.

SwiftTec was originally formed in May 2006 as a sole trader business to provide software to the global marketplace and IT services to the local area. In July 2013 we registered as a limited company and focused primarily on software products dropping the majority of local IT support. However this proved to be unsustainable, so at the end of December 2017 it was decided to close SwiftTec Ltd and return to a Sole Trader business run by Simon Sparkes as a secondary business in parallel with a full time development position in another company.

This model will allow continued development and support of the software products on a low-priority basis until such time as the business becomes fully viable again. As part of this change a number of software products have been made free.

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SwiftTec is a trading name of Simon Sparkes