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Clapometer - Overview

A fun clapometer / applause meter with league table.
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SwiftTec Clapometer is a fun, simple, easy to use, clapometer which includes a league table of competitors. Great for parties and informal talent competitions.


  • The "applause level" is controlled by the computer operator by the simple but subtle use of the space bar!
  • Runs with or without the league table
  • League table can be preloaded with names
  • Optional display league table summary between runs
  • Can run in a window or full screen

More Information

You can view the online help for the Clapometer help by clicking here.

Version History

Version Description


Initial release (internall use only)
1.0.1 Added licencing and demo version
1.0.5 Added optional use of league table
1.0.6 Added ability to preload league table names
Added league table summary
1.0.7 Made league table summary optional
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