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Message Server - Overview

Used to enable other SwiftTec products to send messages via supported transports such as e-mail and SMS (Text).
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The SwiftTec Message Server is designed to be used a supplement to other SwiftTec products, such as the Club Membership System, to enable them send messages to people via supported transports such as e-mail and SMS/text messages.

The message server software is designed so that it can be installed on a single computer (such as a central server or a key PC) and handle message sending for multiple clients. It advertises it's presence on the network using the SwiftTec inter-program advertising system so that other SwiftTec software can automatically find it and connect to it.

Supported Message Transports

The following transports are currently supported by the message server. Other transports may be added over time according to demand.


This software is licenced by the number of concurrent connections.

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