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Swift Backup - Overview

SwiftBackup is a tool designed to allow easy backing up files and folders to an external hard drive.
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SwiftBackup is a program that is designed to make the job of backing up your valuable documents, photos and email a simple and easy task. It comes with a built-in launcher which you can install on an external device such as a USB flash driver or external hard drive so that when the drive is plugged into a USB drive SwiftBackup will automatically prompt you to do a backup.

SwiftBackup is designed only backup your documents and folders, it does not backup settings in the registry, nor the programs installed on the hard drive. Why? There are plenty of software programs already available that will do full backup of your entire system, including the ones provided by Microsoft with some versions of Windows. We wanted to create a piece of software that makes it easy for the average user to quickly and easily backup their computer without having to do lots of configuration.

SwiftBackup defaults to a simple backup configuration but is easily changed to add comprehensive options for including or excluding files and folders.

  • Will auto-run when drive is inserted (uses autorun.inf features)
  • Runs in administrator mode on Windows Vista / Windows 7 to ensure access to all files
  • Has a simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • Comprehensive backup options available.
  • Runs multiple backup sets in parallel using multi-threading technoogy
  • Allow definition of multiple backup sets
  • Allows multiple backup targets
  • Runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Runs on Windows Server 2003/2008

SwiftBackup is supplied as a downloadable program which you can install on your computer. This includes a small piece of software call a backup launcher which you can install from the program onto an external device or network drive.


Click on the following pictures for some screenshots of the program.

The start screen ready to backup at a click of a button.

Backup running with animated progress indicator

Backup running with 2 completed backup sets

Cancelled backup run

Backup set source options

Backup set target options


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